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The Trusted Stenographer in Washington, DC, Maryland, Virginia, and Nationwide

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MGB Reporting, Inc., has been serving the legal system for more than three decades. We are a family-run business that provides court reporting and transcription services. Our team serves courts and legal professionals in many sectors, including but not limited to domestic relations, personal injury, and medical malpractice. As your stenographer in Washington, DC, Maryland, Virginia, and nationwide, we are committed to providing accurate services that ensure your legal proceedings move forward as smoothly as possible.

We provide excellence in everything we do. Our reliable transcription services are accurate and are always delivered promptly. One thing that allows us to stand out from other transcription providers is that many of our services can be completed within the same day or the next day when requested.

Our Options include:

• National Networking
• Multilingual & Sign Language Translations
• Security-Cleared Teleconferences
• Audiovisual Taping & Duplicating
• Federal/State/Local Hearings & Conferences
• Internet Connections for Real-Time Services
• DVD, CD & ASCII Discs
• Condensed & E-Transcripts

• E-Binders
• Live-Note Services
• Notary Services
• Expert Testimony
• Video Conferencing
• Full-Service Reporting
• Remote and In-Person Depositions Available

Transcription services in Washington, DC, that you can count on High-quality court reporting services in Washington, DC, and nationwide Whether you need deposition or notary services in Washington, DC, contact us

Helping You Take Advantage of Technology

Today’s legal landscape demands accuracy and transparency. As such, it is essential to work with stenographers who understand all of the available methods for court reporting. Our team leverages a diverse skill set to provide the solutions you need. In addition to written transcription, we also aid in video depositions.

We love what we do and work hard to furnish the best services possible. Even if you are operating under strict timelines, we pledge to adapt to your situation. Schedule services with us and discover the difference that we can make.

Contact Marcia Blau or Hedy Blau at (301) 983-9315 for transcription, verbatim court reporting, videography, and duplication services of your depositions, meetings and conferences.

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